Intense serum spray to help restore facial skin completely.

With the great combination of Amethyst Essence, nature dewdrop, and Jeju Sea Water, this serum spray can restore and promote the skin to get hydrated and glowing. The lavender oil extract also helps the skin to look naturally healthy, soft, and hydrated.

Forget the harshness that distresses your skin.

Amethyst sense and natural dewdrop can help exfoliate and balance your facial skin. Furthermore, it helps eliminate the stress and allergy incurred on the skin.


สารสกัดจาก อเมทิสต์

Restore the skin from the internal system.

The effective white rose stem cell extract can heal and slow down the degenerated process of the skin. Moreover, lavender oil can soothe the skin and reduce skin inflammation.

สารสกัดจาก สเต็มเซลล์กุหลาบขาว

น้ำมันจาก ลาเวนเดอร์

Boost up the new memory for the facial skin.

After the skin is completely restored, this essence helps your skin look naturally glow with its selected premium minerals.





The Pristine Nature Dew Drop

Dew drop is an abundance of oxygen from nature that can be easily and quickly absorbed in the skin leaving a light and gentle feeling. This ‘Dew Drop’ is suitable for any skin type, especially sensitive skin.

AMETHYST : Skin Enhanced Mineral

AMETHYST is a natural mineral enhancing the complexion balance. This process helps build up collagen generation and allows the infusion of substances under the skin surface. This could improve the complexion miraculously.


The seawater has been refined through several layers of the volcanic stone, so the parasite and heavy metal in the water have been removed resulting in the special mineral’s essence. This makes JEJU MAGMA SEA WATER unique.


This substance is derived from ‘Galactomyces’ fermentation whose properties are likely appeared on human skin. This substance is one of the ‘Peptide Bonds’ which are rich in minerals, vitamins, beta-glucan, amino acids, and organic acids for skin nourishment.

ALLANTOIN An Essence from Comfrey Plant

This miraculous plant from Germany helps boost skin’s health by extracting tiny organic molecules called ‘Allantoin’ that is no irritating effects. This can be used in the baby’s skincare.


Biotin is Vitamin H or Vitamin B7 that can be dissolved in water. Its crystal shape promotes cell growth and produces fatty acids and amino acids. This also boosts the metabolism rate and nourishes the skin.


It is an extract of the stem cells from three types of white roses : MARCIA WHITE ROSE, BLIZZARD WHITE ROSE and SANDER’S WHITE ROSE. This premium graded extract provides gentle and concentrated property to the skin.


This essence is drawn from sugar beet plants to help protect skin from environmental change, such as the change of humidity or temperature which can cause skin imbalance and dehydration.


the extract from the native plant in Africa which is called a ‘Resurrection Plant’. It is rich in organic components of quinic acid which can revive the skin cells and refresh the tired skin rapidly.


the substance that locks moisture in the skin and can draw the moisture from the environment and under the skin to enhance the skin gentleness without any irritation or harmless to the skin nutrition.


a skin nutrient that aims to eliminate disease gently. Without any irritant substance, POLYAMINOPROPYL BIGUANIDE is infant-friendly and can be used around the eye areas or can be applied on sensitive skin.


Lavender oil is one of the finest oils in the world. It helps boost the youth of the skin and relax mental stress, so the skin can be refreshed. With its gentle property, this oil is suitable for babies.


“Tahiti Black Pearl” is the best black pearls of the world, a symbol of force or power. Known for quality and beauty. Pearl can penetrate into the epidermis at a glance and help rejuvenate skin cells. Organisms can Effectively absorb calcium from black pearls, resulting in the skin regeneration process from within.


Silver Nano with high purity can eliminate any diseases and reduce any allergies or irritations. Silver positive ions can attach any protein negative ions resulting in a decrease of disease.

How to use

1. Softly swirl the bottle to activate energy.

2. Spray ‘Amethyst Senses’ 15 cm. from the face starting from the forehead to the tip of the chin.

3. Gently massage the whole face starting from the central part by the middle finger and ring finger.

4. Spray ‘Amethyst Senses’ and re-massage for a few rounds wherever needed to increase the spray’s effectiveness.

How to Layer Your Face

1. Clean your face by using a cotton pad soaked up with ‘Beauty Water’.

2. Prepare your skin before the nourishing process by ‘Normalizing facial mist’.

3. Spray ‘Amethyst Senses’ for full nourishment.

4. Spray ‘Normalizing’ again to let the nourishing substance permeate into the inner skin.

Lab Test

Amethyst helps prepare the skin before regeneration

Amethyst has been a jewel for physical healing for ages as it can nurture the body system effectively. For example, it can help remove stress, calm nerves, balance the body system, and provide proper hormone therapy. Through an innovative creation, Amethyst Senses Intense serum spray can offer the finest treatment to your skin and restore skin health. Obviously, it also shines up your skin.

Effectiveness in completely skin restoration

Apart from regenerating your skin, Amethyst can rehydrate the skin which can eliminate the wrinkle and blotchy problems. A key selected ingredient ‘pure dew drop can help the skin nutrient seep into the inner layer of the skin in order to exfoliate skin’s brightness. Dull skin caused by filth, smoke, sun, and chemical residue Skin that is

High Hygenic Sea Water with abundant minerals from Jeju Island

Basalt, the volcanic porous rocks on the east coast of Jeju island, can filter harmful chemicals and miniature creatures from the seawater. As well as its fruitful attribution, several useful minerals have been added through the filtration process, especially some high-quality minerals which are especially found on Jeju island only. Consequently, Jeju Sea Water has been widely accepted for its quality as an effective skin nourishing.

Activate Skin Cell with Jeju Sea Water

From our lab, it is found that skin cell division has been processed rapidly when increasing the proportion of Jeju Seawater. The higher proportion of the seawater is, the higher rate of cell division will become corresponding to the number of nutrients and minerals from Jeju Seawater.

Increase Depigmentation Process by White Rose Extract

Although our three-white rose extract is gentle for the skin, its intense substance enhances a depigmentation process making the skin look healthy and glow. Moreover, our lap result revealed that the three-white rose extract will help the blemish and skin degeneration process disappear gradually when compared with the other extracts. The white rose stem cell boosts the skin health while the other stem cell becomes deteriorated regardless of the heavy amount of stem cell added.